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Press release library

Below you can read some of the media stories on Danaher and their animals. Articles focus on the rehoming of animals, fundraising events and developments at the home.

Media Coverage

Affectionate Rose needs someone to take her in

29th September 2011

Can you give Cherry a home?

30th September 2011

Homeless dogs take to the streets

17th October 2011

Can you give Victor a loving home?

26th September 2011

Dogs adopt a new outlook

27th October 2011

Hallowe’en at dog home

27th October 2011

Dogs’ dinner

17th November 2011

Toys and treats day for dogs

24th November 2011

Dog’s Christmas dinner

19th November 2011

Boneus for Christmas

14th December 2011

Sweet Shirley deserves good home after being thrown from a lorry

26th January 2012

Shop to benefit neglected pets

01st February 2012

Keep the donations coming

01st February 2012

Can you provide a loving home?

10th May 2012

The image of Staffies is wrong! - John Kirkman

03rd May 2012

The image of Staffies is wrong! - Samantha Bear

03rd May 2012

The image of Staffies is wrong! - Gary Damante

03rd May 2012

Give A Staffie A Chance

27th May 2012

Call goes out to home dogs

24th May 2012

Volunteers fund film for breed’s reputation

10th May 2012

Pair fund video to help dogs reputation

10th May 2012

Staffies don’t deserve their bad name

16th May 2012

Hardest to rehome

01st June 2012

Will the goverments new proposals help abandoned dogs?

26th April 2012

More money needed to save RSPCA home from closure

17th August 2011

Volunteers to spend a night in the kennels

14th August 2011

Danaher sponsored kennel sleep-in

11th August 2011

Cash crisis at animal centre

18th May 2011

Animal home receives generous donations

09th May 2011

Huge support for homeless hounds

10th December 2010

04th February 2011

New charity shop to open in Witham

Homeless animals enjoy Christmas treats

09th December 2010

Animal shelter appeals for Xmas treats

15th November 2010

Cool day for hot dogs

07th July 2010

Charities' cash shortfalls reach danger levels as donors feel the pinch

21st July 2011

Charity to benefit in singers memory

17th September 2008

Danaher home to remember Laura, 27

02nd July 2008

Dogs in desperate need of homes

16th April 2008

Four-legged friends looking for homes

23rd January 2008

Great show for animal lovers

16th July 2008

Block opens in tribute to tragic Laura

03rd July 2008

Staffies suffer from bad press

21st January 2008

Animal home helped by our readers

23rd December 2010

Marathon for RSPCA

21st July 2011

All dogs great and small are the stars

07th July 2011

Doggie fun day proves a success

06th July 2011

Volunteers in the dog house for charity

03rd September 2011

Animal shelter takes in dog abandoned at park

05th Setember 2011

RSPCA criticise owner of dog abandoned in Prom Park

07th Setember 2011

Rescue a pet - part 1

01st January 2012

Rescue a pet - part 2

01st January 2012

Shelter full to the brim with abandoned pets

14th Janury 2012

Rescue a pet

01st March 2012

Rescue a pet

01st May 2012

Give A Staffie A Chance

26th May 2012

Volunteering At Danaher

04th June 2012

Gypsy needs a permanent and loving home

11th July 2012

Marley and you?

01st August 2012

Oldies also need love

23rd August 2012

Rescue a pet

01st June 2012

Rescue a pet

01st July 2012

Rescue a pet

01st August 2012

Dogs Fun Day

21st July 2012

Ava & Avril

01st September 2012

Maria & Ollie

01st September 2012

Charity walk

30th August 2012

Should Staffies be outlawed as dangerous dogs?

28th June 2012

Leap of faith for Holly and mum

26th September 2012

Rescue a pet

30th November 2011

Rescue a pet

30th September 2012

A Call for Volunteers

08th September 2012

Home is where the heart is

31st October 2012


01st November 2012


01st December 2012

Homeless dogs need a home for Christmas

29th November 2012

Abandoned dog thrives with loving new owner

22nd May 2012

Loyal Saffie's... !!!!!!!!

02nd August 2012


01st December 2012

An Animal is not just for Christmas

22nd December 2012

01st December 2012

Unwanted Pets

28th  December 2012

Rescue a pet

31st December 2012


01st January 2013

Rehoming Rabbits - Deborah Satchell

18th February 2013


01st February 2013


01st February 2013


01st February 2013

Dogs at Danaher

05th December 2012

Urgent Appeal for Fosterers - Sam Bear

03rd March 2013

Nigel & Tasha

01st February 2013

Dancer, Poppy & Tasha

01st March 2013

Louise, Troy & Wally

01st April 2013

Rescue a pet

01st March 2013

Walking Dogs Round Braintree

17th July 2013

The Plight of Resuce Dogs After Christmas

20th January 2014

MEP is "leading the fight" against puppy smuggling

24th January 2014